Temple of Holy Light 




Trained originally as a fine artist, Loraine's crystal art work contains excellent quality often very rare crystals and specimen minerals,  set into an intricate weave of raised oil paint on canvas with elements of ink, gold and silver leaf and glitter. 

Available on box canvas or canvas framed in up-cycled elegantly elaborate frames, all are lovingly restored and hand painted in Farrow & Ball paint. Each painting is individually named, numbered and logged.

Loraine loves nature and the earth, and her latest 'lamp' creations make lighting an artistic experience in your home, choosing unique, organic pieces to give cohesion between the natural elements and contemporary.

She currently works from her studio in Essex, at home with her beloved family and animals.


Lucia is a stone sculptor and maker.

She trained in stone carving with Sculptor Meic Watts in North Wales in the 1990’s. She was privileged to learn in the beautiful environment of Snowdonia; her studio was nestled in the woods with mountains and sea as a working backdrop. This relationship with nature has always been very important to her and influences her work greatly. Nature is where she feels most at peace and most resourced. Her intention is to support people in the creation of a home that feels sacred to them, that honours their needs and promotes well being. 

Lucia is interested in the idea of sacred space be that in nature, shrines, churches, temples our homes or with in our selves. This is her inspiration when creating her altar pieces. She has always liked creating altars and the idea of cultivating sacred space, – using anything that resonates with her and aids connection; be that to the divine, to nature, to beauty, loved ones and what’s important to Her at that time in her spiritual journey.

All of Lucia’s art pieces are individual and unique; an image will come and not leave Her until she has carved it. A lot of thought can go into a piece before she starts to carve. Carving shrine pieces feels like a moving meditation. She carves when in a peaceful state of mind – conscious of the thing that’s coming into creation – thinking of the stone as holding a space; as honouring the divine, just like the dedication of a large temple. She will use whichever stone calls her, whether the stone is perfect or not (she likes the feeling of using something seen as imperfect to make something beautiful). 

Some of Lucia’s carvings ( like the Sri Yantra pictured ) can be used to aid spiritual practice; as contemplation tools – honouring and reflecting the divine temple within: our sacred heart space. Others are to house deities or light candles, beautifully decorative in themselves.

Lucia also creates touch stones for grounding and connecting and other pieces of symbolic art with metaphysical symbols to reflect your current focus and the energy you wish your altar to generate. 



‘Music to touch the heart, still the mind and heal the soul’

I have always experienced music from other realms, as a child I would hear great orchestral pieces and choral singing but did not know how to translate the complexity of these sounds in to something tangible. Training as a musician in piano, voice and cello from a young age supported me to be able to start bringing these frequencies in to physical manifestation. It was a moment of great joy for me when ‘Unconditional’ my debut album was released in 2015.

The music I write is channelled from many different realms and guides, I receive the sound interdimensionaly on a vibrational level and then go through a purification process to birth it in physical sound. It is all written and recorded in a sacred, templated space. This allows the listener to absorb the frequency from different states of consciousness- supporting a deeper surrender in the heart and emotional body.

Some use my music to help with the opening of their heart whereas others find it is deeply relaxing and helps to suspend them in the light. I have found that my music creates a deep state of purification and a shift within the body/mind that can result in a release of emotion that has been suppressed over time, helping you to feel again. Music continues to be a home, a place of solace and a transformational world for me and it is an honour to share these gifts with you and humanity through sacred sound.