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Transference Healing 2 DAY Advanced TRAINING


As you run the Fundamental procedures that you learn during practitioner training, over a period of time, you will go through a natural purification process, clearing lower dimensional aspects of your self and your life:  you will embody profound changes and frequency shifts,  you'll lift in consciousness & awareness.  Over time, you'll grow and evolve as you begin to master the energy within yourself.  

Deeply held fear that has blocked your growth, will start to be released as you shift any distortion that may come into your body, consciousness or reality.   Our physical body is the vessel to heal our soul, so using the Fundamental procedures to support this process, growth occurs more rapidly. Although things will quicken, in general you'll feel lighter, you're life will run with more ease and you'll feel connected.  

Learning the Fundamentals procedures is such an empowering step in your self healing and self mastery journey, and is a pre-requisite to the Advanced training. 

At some divine point in time, when you're ready, the more advanced level higher frequencies of Transference Healing® will begin to come through. At this time,  you'll be divinely guided to go through certain levels of initiations to hold higher frequencies of light. This is an internal and divinely guided process. 

You'll know  this is happening because you may start to feel 'limited', on some level, with the energy and you'll have a knowing that you need to bring in the higher frequencies.  At this point you'll feel compelled to commit to the Advanced Level Training. 

This training will provide you with the procedures to work more directly with cosmic frequencies and the Lightbody system, a process that is critical at this point in time on our earth.  You will feel compelled to become more of service and you will be qualified as a Transference Healing® Practitioner, and able to become certified by Alexis Cartwright.






For the duration of the 2 days, you will be suspended in pure high frequency light, and will work intensely with the technology of the Transference Healing® Master Christ Template set, to integrate and co-create the lightbody.  

Teachings based on the channellings from Alexis Cartwright will be shared in a sacred way, as you learn more about the divine ascension process, and humanities evolution. 

Activate a deeper level of purification 


for higher levels of initiation & to encode the light


This training initiates a radical and rapid purification process. Through it, you come to identify and integrate higher initiations that will activate your spiritual evolution, and bring with it, a profound opportunity to begin to work with the ancient Mystery School teachings, in support of your spiritual empowerment, while also anchoring and integrating your higher and future Self. 


Change and transformation take place on the cellular level of your anatomy 

as you integrate sixth dimensional frequencies and begin to work with your divine Christbody.


This is what the Advanced Level Training is all about; lightbody technology and the embodiment of a new reality that is in alignment with your soul self. 

Delegated by and overseen by the energy and teachings of Ascended Master Metatron and Lord Melchizedek – integrated with Enochian technology – this training will initiate a new way of being. Throughout this intensive two day training you are supported to master the embodiment of your Higher Self, while co-creating a reality that is of the next Golden Age.

This level of light technology works with the 22-strand DNA system, the central nervous system and the electromagnetic body. And its through learning about these systems, and how to work with them in the right frequency and consciousness, that you will be supported to integrate with your lightbody system so your body and consciousness can preventively care against the manifestation of lightbody symptoms. 

This means you'll evolve in more ease, in alignment with the universal grid changes occurring in our earth & cosmos. 


the teachings:  You'll learn about

  • the incredible lightbody:  the integration process we go through to integrate it, and to hold light in the body & consciousness
  • how to work with the DNA and reweave new, purer strands of DNA
  • the Adam Kadmon body, the fifth dimensional body, and the unification of light and matter
  • the sacred geometry of the five platonic solids and their crystal essences
  • the lost teachings of the Great Central Moon, a powerful unique perspective on the Divine feminine
  • the Merkabah's coding system for interdimensional travel, its geometry & technology
The lightbody procedures You'll learn:
  • procedures & crystal technology to support the anchoring and integration process of the lightbody
  • procedures that enable you to preventatively care against lightbody symptoms as they begin to manifest
  • a 'stand alone' procedure that creates an absolute state of balance, to use as and when needed
  • stellar grid procedures and about their corresponding gateway systems (Lyra, Arcturus, Sirius, Orion and Pleiades), for the integration of the lightbody and Diamond Consciousness.

    Overseen by Archangel Metatron

    Archangel Metatron is the name Enoch received after his transformation into his Angelic Self.

    Archangel Metatron oversees all the lightbody and Merkaba technology held within Transference Healing,

    and supports humanity to crystallise the lightbody and Merkaba.


    This powerful & divine angellic being resonates light of a holy vibration, which Alexis Cartwright calls Metatron Light. 

    By holding this light for Earth and humanity, Metatron provides the purification processes necessary for healing to take place in the body, mind, soul and spirit, supporting the integration and crystallisation of the light.

    He is the Divine being who oversees the angellic plane. 


    When you integrate with your lightbody 

    you come into a state of greater ease & creativity, 

    you become a beacon of light 

    that supports shifts in global consciousness.


    Your Investment
    2 Day Transference Healing® Advanced Training

    DEPOSIT £835 due 8 weeks prior to training, see events calendar for dates


    bonus inclusions


    • Advanced Level Manual.
    • Master Christ Template Set.
    • 5 x Platonic Solid vibrational essences.
    • Certificate of completion.

    everything changes after Advanced Training because of your ability to hold light


    Transference Healing 'certified' Practitioner pathway

    Transference Healing® was channelled as a system to support divine self-healing and ascension. 
    The key to this process is both the Fundamental & Advanced level procedures. 

    Upon completion of the Fundamental Training at HaloAvalon
    ..you become a Transference Healing® Graduate, 
    and have the knowledge confidence & energetic means to practise the Fundamental alchemical procedures on yourself & loved ones.  
    You are entitled to attend the Advanced Training.
    Please attend Fundamental Training prior to Advanced Training. 

    Upon completion of the Advanced Training at HaloAvalon 
    ..you become a Transference Healing® Practitioner,
    and have the knowledge, confidence and energetic means to run a 'full' Transference Healing® session on yourself & loved ones.
    You are entitled to attend the Advanced Training with Alexis Cartwright, as a Revision.

    Upon completion of the Advanced Training with Alexis Cartwright
    (either as a Revision or for the first time)
    you will become a 'certified' Transference Healing Practitioner, 
    which will enable you to charge for your services 
    and have a listing as a certified Transference Healing Practitioner on the Transference Healing website. 
    (Alexis comes to the UK every 2 years, due summer of 2020, current Revision price is AU$1,750)
    You are entitled to attend the Teachers Training with Alexis Cartwright.
    to find out more about Teachers Training go https://transferencehealing.com/trainings/teacher-training/

    In the centuries that follow this incredible dawning of the "Age of Aquarius"

    I believe that Alexis Cartwright (the channel of Transference Healing)

    will be revered for her contribution to the heart based 

    science & technology of light for ascension...

    there is nothing quite as comprehensive on the planet today.

    Nareena-Gaia xx