Temple of Ascension  


Child of Light Spray


The creation of the Child of Light Purification Spray was guided by St. John the Divine. It supports rapid healing and awakening for adults and children alike.

The Child of Light Purification Spray supports adults to clear genetically embedded behavioural patterns, and heals pain associated with conception, birth and inner child wounding. It supports overall wellness, personal healing and growth, enabling emotional ease in relationships and clearing karmic dynamics that can occur within the family unit. This spray nurtures, uplifts, and stimulates creativity and joy. For the Crystal Children born into our new and changing world, this spray is hugely supportive, helping them to sustain their fifth dimensional consciousness, and encouraging them to interact with the world in alignment with their evolving wisdom. 


Essential oils of Spiced Sandalwood and Honey, Lotus, French Lavender and Mandarin, with a Rosewater base.



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