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Mary Magdalene Template


Mary Magdalene carries the priestess initiations into the sacred teachings of the Goddess. She holds a very specific aspect of the Feminine Principle for all of humanity. A practising temple priestess, Mary was also an apostle and consort of Jesus. It was these roles that that the most secret and sacred teachings of the Goddess were undertood.

Mary Magdalene works with the grid changes of the Earth that support our etheric reconnection to Lemuria and Atlantis. She supports the Earth and the rapid ascension process of our corresponding body and consciousness into the fifth dimension. Her other main endeavour is to support the healing process currently occurring the East, specifically the pain and conflict within and between the Middle East and the West.

This template illustrates the following symbols pertaining to the mysteries of Mary Magdalene:

The Crystal Skull holds a key to the mysteries of St John, and the Lemurian teachings of alchemy and etheric healing.

The Cave in symbolic of going within the Earth or womb of the Goddess, as well as retreating into oneself to reflect.

The Candle represents Mary Magdalene’s role in holding the Light for others. The darkness of her skin is not only an accurate reflection of her ethnic background, but is also representative of her personification as the Black Madonna.

The Snake and Chalice represent the sacred practices and teachings of the Kundalini, and its alchemical healing and enlightenment powers to evolve, awaken, ascend and embody the cosmic, celestial lightbody system; the Christ Body.

The Master Symbol located on Mary Magdalene’s third eye consists of the ancient cross, the crescent moon and the cosmic symbol of Venus.

These symbols represent a sacred lineage of priestess teachings that hold the powers of the Feminine Principle. They instil faith and symbolise the ‘way’ of the Magdalene.   


The back of this template details channelled information Ascended Master Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene © Transference Healing Pty Ltd 2008 – Artwork by Helen Wells.


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