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Touch Stones


Touch Stones by Lucia Forge

Hand painted sacred symbols, star constellations and intricate patterns on beautiful smooth natural pebbles collected from Wales, Dorset & Cornwall.

Stones, like amulets, have been carried and collected by people for thousands of years. They have many names: cold stones, charm stones, blessed stones and touch stones. We can be attracted to a particular stone, its colour, the feel of it, and its weight in the hand.

A ‘touch stone’ that’s right for you, feels comfortable in your left hand; the marks on it or colours will resonate with something in you. It becomes an extension of your energy and your connection with mother earth. Stones were carried for protection, guidance, healing and luck; or to impart the qualities of stone to the bearer– strength, groundedness, balance, anchoring your body to the earth. They can slow your mind down, holding you and connecting you with the land the stone comes from. The stone people are considered to be record holders, carrying information from the time of the creation of the planet and recording all that’s happened on planet Earth.

“Trees and stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters.” St Bernard 1060-

Prices starting at £12.50 for small size, up to £25 for large.

We welcome you to HaloAvalon to experience these unique touch stones and to feel their special presence.

Read more about the artist Lucia Forge here

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