Temple of Ascension  







Each 'Channelled Reading & Divine Healing' has a force of pure energy behind it, that co-creates change.  As I read the healing &  ascension process that is occurring in your body mind & soul, I bring reason AND clarity - and at the same time, infuse the Transference Healing frequencies.   

Here in Glastonbury on the heart chakra of the earth, the 'Channelled Readings with Divine Healing'  will support your self mastery journey, bringing co-hesive insight to your higher level of spiritual growth and spiritual empowerment, whilst alchemically creating flow from within.


"a 1:1 Channelled Reading & Divine Healing brings clear conscious insight
AND unblocks energetically,

vital to heal & integrate light on the next level,
awakening your spiritual potential"

The Channelled Reading

Is a divine download and light transmission shedding light on relevant aspects of your self mastery now.  In alignment with your higher self, the reading brings light and awareness to any blocks, things that are in the way now, things that are purifying now;  creating a sense of clear knowing, heightened perception and a positive shift of consciousness to filter into your journey.  

The consciousness of Ascended Masters and/or Angelic Beings occasionally filter through, particularly if you are at at a pivotal times in your journey.


The Energetic & Healing Impact


Transference Healing frequencies & coding will run through during your 'Channelled Reading', pulling in subtle and refined elements from any dimension or any plane, creating an alchemical response for your purification, healing and anchoring into higher dimensions of the global grid.  

And the light from the Sirian Star System and their beautiful soft angelic Beings radiates through to help you to own and embrace the gifts of the feminine principal that are birthing within you: the understanding of the mysteries of nature & the elements, the opening of your psyche, further awakening & refinement of your channelling skills and the ability to activate pure alchemy for yourself & others.   

For some, the harmonious blending of frequencies & light that filters in during the channelling, is to support the manifestation of your grail body, to begin to connect to that most pure of holy essences - the Holy spirit, to own your Divine power whilst on earth,  in a body.  

The 1:1 'Channelled Reading & Divine Healing' supports the integration of the lightbody and crystalisation of the Divine 'I AM'. 


You will receive

  • An in depth 20-40 minute channelling relevant to you and your soul's journey, of self healing & self mastery
  • An infusion of Transference Healing frequencies 
  • MP3;  recorded in the moment, and sent afterwards via email if requested
  • The session will complete with the opportunity for you to ask a relevant question

    "gain crystal clarity around your rites of passage,
    for a more rapid embodiment through your spiritual initiations,
    for empowerment"

    3 Golden Seals infusing the Holographic Sirian Star Grid

    During your session, you will receive the 3 Golden Seals, encoded within the Glastonbury grid vortex.  This is an energetic download connected to the consciousness of Mary Magdalene & Mother Mary,  who anchor the teachings of the feminine principal onto the planet.   These two great Masters together sustain the '3 Golden Seals' in the etheric, which once activated in the body,  create a light grid blueprint for the structural foundations to exist for you to eventually create the reality of the 3 chambers of the heart.  

    You will be illuminated in the light & coding from the 5 major sacred sites of Glastonbury:  The Tor, the Abbey, Chalice Well, Bridies Mound and Wearyall Hill, that unify to create a holographic pentagram grid, an elixir that supports the co-creation of ether, and on a higher plane, the finer substance of the holy spirit. 


    fee: £222

    1:1 in person or 'absentee'

    Channelled Reading with DIVINE healing

    (55 min session)


    Wow. What an experience, the energy that came through shifted something that i'm still reeling from.  I know that this change will ripple out to help me to finally step into me, and who I truly am. 

    Its been a long time coming. Thank you so much. 

    MB - Bucks, UK.