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A 'Family Healing' is ideal for families who choose to go through a deeper clearing with the dynamics playing out, and is an optimal way to expose the entire family unit to the transformational power of Transference Healing®. By working with all of the family, the channelled reading that comes through can bring to light the soul family's learning, the core wounding of each person that may be impacting the current circumstances, and can bring clarity, understanding and resolution. This Family or Group frequency healing will create a dramatic impact on yourself and all involved, highlighting and breaking down old outdated genetic patterns, allowing the new way to be revealed and birthed..
For those who are involved in severe family circumstances or have more serious issues that they would like to resolve, heal, evolve and change, this option is very powerful. This could include karmic relationships between parents and children, maybe with disempowering, abusive or negative  behaviours, unexplained misfortune, genetic disorders creating illness or unhappiness or simply a feeling of being restricted by each other.  in this case, a follow-up Family Healing may be recommended at some point in future. 
Family Transference Healing® is performed via Absentee only, and the channelled reading can be aimed at either parents only or for parents and children to listen to.  Please advise at time of booking. 

Family Healing with Nareena-Gaia



To include:

  • Group Circle of Fire, for astral purification
  • A full Transference Healing® session on the Group
  • Individual Level 1 Beyond Doorways Transference Healing® on each person
  • Transference Healing® Lightbody Essence for each person, or for the Group depending on circumstances
  • Recorded CHANNELLED reading, emailed as an MP3 file, or posted as a CD
  • Suggestions on how to continue the healing process after the healing.

YOUR INVESTMENT £120 per person

family healing

with Nareena-Gaia