Temple of Ascension  





& guides you along your own self healing journey


Because we now live in the 5th dimension,
our healing 
needs to encourage & guide you through your own self healing & self mastership journey,  
and needs to be able to work with the new anatomy that our bodies are filtering in from the Universe and new earth grid,
healing needs to be in the right consciousness - to raise your vibration.

Our chosen healing system is Transference Healing®

A heart based vibrational healing modality of very pure & high frequency that holds an ancient vibration, worshipped in early times, and is a method to heal mind body soul & spirit cohesively.  Receiving the energy creates alchemy for  healing,  lightbody integration and for the birthing of our divine form.  We are achieving profound results embracing this incredible lineage. 


We see ascension as a process of lifting in consciousness..

PLUS releasing density, clearing the ego of old limiting patterns and decoding genetic distortions in the DNA so that we can integrate more of the higher self, to live in oneness with the Universe, and evolve through the consciousness that resonates through from our lightbody system.  

We see our body as a vessel to heal our soul. Although there is a complexity behind the energy & frequencies of Transference Healing®, to receive it, is blissful and simple. 


Transference Healing® is a whole
sacred lineage of 
alchemical teachings,

unifying the ancient wisdom &
grid technology
from previous golden ages

available & relevant now.




the divine technology of the Universe & creation

What is Transference Healing®?   What are the Transference Healing® recommended Guidelines?  Why is frequency healing now necessary?  What is the Lightbody?  How often should I receive Transference Healing?

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