Temple of Ascension  







They activate a maze of learning curves, 

so over time, you transform into a higher state of being.


To explain simply, we’ve been trained to look deeply into the many layers of the etheric body. When we run a Transference Healing, we run several different energetic procedures, and utilise Transference Healing® energetic templates that filter codes, frequencies, elements and light into the body on an etheric level.

This enables the body & consciousness to restructure, and regenerate new levels of wellness from within, to heal, evolve and transform into a whole new state of consciousness, awareness and being.

Transference Healing® works with levels and layers of the body: its uniqueness is in its ability to work with electromagnetic frequency and the magnetic fields of the body, to create powerful shifts and magical healing qualities. Dis-ease - unhappiness or illness - manifests in the physical, from a weakness or distortion in the etheric, electromagnetic or magnetic bodies, so by working on these levels we can reach deep into the different levels of density, accessing pain or distortion that has been sustained within the soul over its eternal journey. 

A natural hormonal and bio-chemical balance can occur within the body, with the assistance from Source (Goddess/God/Spirit) and the universal frequencies and guides from higher planes, to create a unique, powerful spiritual healing.

Simultaneously, the electromagnetic body filters through electrical currents into the cellular levels of the body, so that different dimensions of the Lighbody can anchor through into the physical, bringing the higher heavenly bodies into the earthly realms. 

Utilising intuitive gifts and a connection to Spirit, and through divination, we are able to gain clear insight to give an intuitive reading that speaks to what is both causing any problems and creating the healing process at the time. This is shared in a reading that comes through after the Healing.

There is so much to this Divine lineage, which is a unification of many ancient and futuristic healing modalities, and it really needs to be experienced to be understood from the heart.

We’d love to share this magic with you... and know it will help you in so many ways.

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