Temple of Ascension  





from sacred grids around the world  


where the location is key


Receive elements & light from the stars, the crystals, 

and the elemental beings themselves. 

Connect directly to receive from the grid to absorb divine ascension codes and light technology. 


September, 2020.  10am UK (8PM Sunshine Coast Qld)


Absentee group or absentee group plus 1:1 channelled reading


Joining Absentee


You will be Called in 'absentee'

    • Through ritual, at the commencement your energy field will be called in through the etheric to a sacred Temple in the etheric, created through the grid at this location, and returned at the end of the Event. 
    • Please send your full name and location for calling in purposes

    MP3 to your inbox after the event

    • The two recordings will come via 'Hightail', so please look out for it in your inbox, about 24 hours after the Event. 
    • Receive a powerful energetic healing shift each time your listen to the recording of the healing frequencies direct from the sacred grid location
    • Please note:  If you do not receive the MP3 within 48 hours, please email haloHQ@haloAvalon.com

     Approximate Timings

    • The Grid Code Healing will run at the advertised UK time. (Go here for time conversion in your location) 
    • If you feel drawn to go into receptivity or  meditation to receive, i will take around 2 hours, though as always trust your own inner guidance for timings.  You will always receive exactly what you need in alignment with divine will.

    why attend absentee?


    Each event focuses on a relevant aspect of your spiritual growth, highlighting current topics connected to astrological & earth changes, and incorporates the principles, teachings and frequencies of Transference HealingĀ®.

    Benefits of attending

    • you'll receive a clearing of mass energetic density, to create a purification process of your old energies, old thinking, old feelings
    • incoming higher codes of light that support of embodiment of your lightbody & higher self, bringing more ease & flow
    • a shift of consciousness can birth within you, relevant to the topic of each event, creating awareness & understanding 
    • balancing and anchoring deeper into the Global Grid Matrix allows you to ground these codes through into your reality now, supporting embodiment of your higher self and lightbody.

    Utilising the Transference HealingĀ® procedures and gridding techniques, frequencies and energies are filtered through from the universe into both the Group and the location. Each participant enters into a deeper internal sacred journey to experience their own personal revelation and shift. 

    Whether you 'tune in' at the time or not, these events are always a heart opening, deeply healing experience and a wonderful opportunity to integrate higher light codes, that are usually unavailable or un-accessible to you.