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Australian born & bred, she's on a mission. 

Renowned as a powerful & authentic ascension facilitator; gifted channell, teacher & healer, she's sought after globally as the leading Transference Healing® Practitioner, Workshop facilitator and Trainer.   

With over 20 years of experience, Rena has supported thousands of people to fast track their self healing & self mastery, to find their faith in themselves & the light;  inspiring and empowering their lives to co-create their Golden age.  

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Transference Healing Practitioner & Teacher




Temple Manager

Julie has two great passions:  the first is running frequency healings & energy on herself and others; and the second passion is visiting sacred sites. She has loved travelling since she was a child, going on holidays abroad with her family.  This is what ignited her desire for adventure and exploring different places and cultures. 

As she started along the path towards her spiritual journey, the desire to travel to more sacred sites around the world grew within her.  When she visits sacred land, not only does she feel a deep connection with the elementals and nature but can connect to the electromagnetic frequency of the land, where the dragon lines cross.  She explains this as 'feeling like nectar to her Soul', and know that the frequency revitalises and re-energises Her, bringing through more peace and wellness into her body, mind and Soul.

Julie's life journey has been a pathway of self-discovery and profound healing and it is her wish to offer inspiration and hope to others who are encountering similar experiences or difficulties in their lives.  This part of her life story powerfully demonstrates what can be possible - the resulting transformation and empowerment.  It shows what can be achieved by delving into, acknowledging and accepting the shadow aspects of the self, the shame, the guilt, the self-loathing, and bringing through forgiveness and self-love,  to become  whole and complete. 

Her wish is to share with others the pathway of changing their life from within, in order to create a new sense of self and a new reality.  Moving from the darkest depths within and shifting into the light. 

"It is my deepest desire to offer healing support to others, utilising my own self-healing journey and my passions of walking the land and running healings and energy on myself and others."  


Transference Healing Practitioner & Teacher






Naturally psychic from birth, he has honed his gifts over many years, through training in the ancient craft of the wise, learning magic and re-awakening his shamanic gift. He is a force of the light, born to counteract negativity and oppression, either from the physical world or the spiritual world.   

For 40 years, Martin has bought light to hundreds of souls who - through their boundary violations - in this life or others, have lost their will to step forward into their life.  He has bought direction, and a sense of purpose to the darkest of times.  As a vessel for AA Micheal he is there, etheric sword at the ready, through ALL planes, ready to defend the goodness inside of you, the goodness of your Spirit. He is a protector, adviser and a ‘consultant’ on your case. He holds a masculine perspective with all that’s going on with you, and - at times, when deemed necessary, is called in to support you energetically and spiritually through all planes.  

His personal journey has been about empowerment, learning to 'see' who he really is, through a life of dis-empowerment, disrespect & abuse from those that have been frightened of the power of his light. 

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Transference Healing Practitioner & Teacher


Welcome from us all, the HaloAvalon team.

It is our greatest honour that our Temple may serve you on your ongoing journey 

to embody your highest self.