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Temple of Ascension  





channell. founder & creative director of HaloAvalon 


Australian born & bred, she's on a mission


Renowned as a powerful and authentic ascension facilitator;  gifted channell, teacher and healer, she's sought after globally as the leading Transference Healing® Practitioner, Workshop facilitator and Trainer.  


With over 20 years of experience, Rena has supported thousands of people to fast track their self healing & self mastery, to find their faith in themselves & the light;  inspiring and empowering their lives to co-create their Golden age. 

After travelling the world, she now lives on the very sacred Avalon grid in Glastonbury Somerset, England,  the heart chakra of our planet. 

Through her journey of self healing and self mastery, she's gone through many initiatory experiences to evolve into her higher self.  It is through this journey that she can share her divine gifts and talents with others, in support of their reconnection. 


My deepest heart felt wish is to be of service to others on their soul's journey of reconnection to their higher self, and that I may humbly reflect the divinity of what faith is built upon, shining a light on a divine way of ascension.

Nareena-Gaia xx




My awakening was at age 11, and since then I've been on a painful journey of reconnection to my faith in Spirit.  

I've had to find the courage to deeply feel and clear embedded emotional pain, to purify & de-code genetic distortion, to open my heart, to overcome judgement and truly forgive, to raise my vibration to finally access my soul self to share my gifts & talents - and sensitivity, in an empowered way.   

Although I've been naturally connected to the spiritual planes, through dedication and ongoing commitment to my own growth, I learned through the Transference Healing® teachings & practises how to delve into the unknown through my psyche and access the sacred mysteries from within, so the purity of the light could birth within.   

Finally, such conscious clarity has birthed that I am blessed to be able to connect to, channel and learn from the Universe and its multi dimensional realities, through my oversoul and higher self, and run my energy from a more heart based humanitarian consciousness. 

I am in love with Gaia, her trees her waters her animals, her light, her elements and elementals, and am in love with the stars & the Universes.  
I feel so honoured to be of service to our beloved Earth, 
as a vessel for Her resources and Her light. 

Nareena-Gaia xxx



In 2018 I began to offer Channelled Readings with Divine Healing.  During these channellings I call forward an aspect of my oversoul 'Ana of Magdala'.

Ana of Magdala was a Temple Priestess of the Mystic Christianity lineage, trained in person by the great Masters:  Saint Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary, in Jerusalem & Egypt.  Her mission, during that fateful life, under direct tutelage of Master Jesus, was to leave the Temple in the Holy Land and bring 'the ancient ritual way of the Goddess' to Glastonbury.

The Title 'of Magdala' is the name of the triple towered Temple of the Goddess:  Mary-Anna-Ishtar.  (Mary of Magdala, as Mary Magdalene is sometimes called, signifies Mary 'of the Goddess Temple').  Christian tradition suggests that Mary Magdalene was named that because she was from the town of Magdala,  which was known as 'the village of the Doves', a place where doves were bred for the Goddess Temple. 

Either interpretation connects Mary of Magdala, and therefor 'Ana of Magdala', to the Goddess teachings and Mystic Christianity lineage.

The Ascended Masters Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene that were so close in Ana of Magdala's lifetime, embodied their divinity and have since completed their journey on this plane, and are now teachers for us all, remembering that we too are ascending masters on this amazing earth, they walk beside us, guiding us along that same path.  They went ahead of us to show us the way, the truth and the light. 

Because of my personal commitment, constant connection and daily relationship with 'Ana of Magdala', who is so close and a part of me,  these great Masters can easily share their light transmissions through these Channelled Healings.  



I see myself as a spokeswoman, for the path of the initiate, shining an example of self mastery in the Aquarian age, as I continue to co-create my Golden Age reality. It is my greatest joy, through Divine will, to be able to help others learn how to self master and to share their innate talents with the Planet, so that i get to reflect a little of the wisdom that i've gained through my journey.  I am an eternal student of life and the Universe, and love to share what I learn, love to teach, love to express the wisdom of the ages in a way that serves…in a divine way.  Through this i get to share my passion of re-establishing the essence of faith in the heart of humanity. 

To live and work on this holy isle of Avalon in Glastonbury England, in a state of service with my beloved beside me, is my bliss.  I'm so happy and at home with so much grail energy here in the Grid, and honoured to live in a community full of awakened and enlightened souls. 

Love & Light, Rena