Temple of Ascension  





with Nareena-Gaia



    the resources 

    of frequency, 

    light & elements

    ..surrender to 

    divine intervention 

    & receive 
    divine healing"


During your heart opening healing experience,

refined frequencies filter through from the many dimensions of the Christed realms, 

to create an alchemical shift internally and to awaken you into a higher level of consciousness.  Varied dimensions of your Lightbody anchor through into the physical, 

bringing your higher heavenly bodies into the earthly planes, for integration now. 


Open to profound change that starts alchemically from within.


so much love energy filtered through from the Universe during the healing transmission

it truly was a heavenly & divine experience - i felt so different afterward

Julianna, Paris, France



interdimensional healing journey through the portal of avalon

cosmic crystal skull & global grid technology


This powerful and unique cosmic ritual experience is specifically designed for you to go into an internal inter-dimensional journey, to crystalise and form your lightbody, to reconnect to aspects of your higher self for embodiment of your spiritual self. 

You will receive

  • Beyond Doorways Healing
  • Lemurian time line Healing;  interdimensional past life doorway healing utilising ancient crystal Lemurian wand
  • personal Crystal Skull Meditation;  integrating crystaline skull technology 
  • Atlantean pentagram Gridding ritual;   an ancient form of healing, where you will lay down and be taken into an interdimensional journeying experience, combining sacred geometry and crystal technology with the wisdom of the stars. 

Fee:  £288

In Person 1:1 'ritual Sacred Gridding Experience'
Healing, Crystal Skull Meditation, Atlantean Gridding ritual
& channelled Ascension Guidance 


THE SMALL PRINT:  to book this beautiful Ritual Experience, it requires that we arrange a mutually convenient time for you to come to HaloAvalon in person.  IT will take approximately 2 hours & we recommend you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time & allow 15-30 minutes afterWARD, to ground back into your body, taking the time to 2 hours & 3o mins. To book, once payment is received, we will contact you to arrange the time. Please expect your appointment to take place 4-8 weeks after payment is received.  


In service to your greatest light




After receiving the frequencies of light during either healing, utilising my intuitive gifts, channelling abilities, psyche and connection to Spirit, I am able to 'read' your light integration process to get clear focussed insight into the many layers of your multi dimensional self, so I can give you an in depth reading that speaks to what is both causing and creating your healing and ascension process at the time, which plane it is coming from, how each plane is interacting and how to work with your process for rapid transformation.  

The channelled message after the healing, brings crystal clarity, creating a shift of consciousness 

so that you can see beyond what has been previously hidden, and bring it into physical reality.

My gift to you is my absolute faith in you, and the Universe, and to clearly identify the positive moment of now in your journey, irrespective of your circumstances, in support of your spiritual empowerment, wellness, love & light.   

I’d love to channel the divine frequencies of the universe on your behalf to support your spiritual empowerment & ascension...