Temple of Holy Light 



on August 8th our brightest star - our sun - whilst in Leo connects to the stellar gateway of Sirius 

& collectively we move through the 8:8 Lions gate


join me to RECEIVE a 1:1 channelling

*connect to sirius & orion* 


To PURIFY old ego blocks for empowerment

 to CRYSTALISE LIGHT for self mastery

& birth rapid new beginnings


A huge influx of cosmic frequencies began with the Sirian Gateway activations around the 3rd July, earth has been suspended within very pure stellar frequencies of light, that continues all the way through to the Lion's gate on 8th August.  This light & divine coding from the stars & galactic centre brings with it an accelerated opportunity to clear distortions held in the stellar codes of our DNA, that have restricted the anchoring of our lightbody & embodiment of our heart based spiritual empowerment. As earth continuing to be infused with such pure stellar frequencies, a deeper transformation can occur to support you to open your heart on another level and connect to the gifts of the feminine principal that are birthing within you;  the further opening of your psyche;  awakening of your channelling skills, understanding of the mysteries of nature & the ability to activate pure alchemy.  The Sirian Gateway on 7:7 and ongoing pure light from the Sirian dimensions prepares us to be open to receive during the 8:8 Lion's Gate, where we're bathed in pure ethereal frequencies & codes of light from the stellar gateway of Orion, through the gridpoint of the Sphinx on earth and the great pyramid at Giza, supporting the anchoring of the next wave of light.  During this time, you will become conscious of your own rapid new beginnings that are birthing; and begin to realise your new contracts. Receiving the channelling & associated codings will enhance the crystallisation of your lightbody for embodiment of these contracts, and enhance spiritual empowerment.  The energy during this time powerful time on earth will activate the next level of your soul's mission, and some will step into your fearless heart based leadership in a whole new way.

receive channelled transmissions 
at the 8:8 Lions Gate gate portal 

celebrate your eternal link to the ancient star lineages - the wise elders from both Orion & Sirius

who hold the purified refined technology & light codes 
of your 'future' self 

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC


the giza pyramids 

 -full of pure light technology- 

are in exact alignment to the three stars of Orion's belt.  

The entire star system of Orion represents the Egyptian God Osiris, and is a key doorway point from where we receive the cosmic codes that evolve our DNA & light body, 

to ascend into higher galactic worlds.  


Orion is a higher frequency dimension than Earth and holds a vital energetic key to an aspect of your future self. 

This is why the Priestess of Ancient Egypt not only worshipped the Sirian dimensions, but also honoured Orion star system,  their galactic Beings & teachings.  The Orion Beings are very ethereal in nature, holding higher levels of consciousness than us on earth, they are more galactic in nature, and hold an energy of what is like ‘King Arthur’s Sword’, because of their capacity to purify the nature of the human ego, so when they come through they work powerfully with the solar plexus chakra to support the embodiment of states of empowerment. 

When we hold more light in our bodies, and the more higher frequency codes we sustain, the more we’re able to inter dimensionally interact with the light beings, frequencies realities and worlds of Orion....and the inter-connecting worlds of Sirius.

Through our merkabah technology encoded within our lightbody,  we can interact with this interdimensional world,  and we did so during the times of Ancient Egypt.  Some of us are now beginning to consciously re-awaken to its technology when in altered states to access the resources it provides. 


BEINGS from sirius & Orion





embrace fearlessness as you birth the new
come into harmonious balance
connect t
o the majesty of divine feminine mystery 


8:8 Lion's Gate Orion Channelling

  • An in depth 30 min channelling relevant to you & your spiritual journey now, connected to the life times that you have worshipped the ancient Sirian mysteries & connected to Orion.  

  • Gain clarity & empowerment as you purify and break down ego restrictions, to reconnect to your stellar lineage, relevant to your divine mission on earth at this time. 

  • clear hooks from your power centre that have created restriction

  • Recorded MP3;  and sent afterwards via email.  (Please note:  No 1:1 phone call)


Cosmic Star Pentagram Grid


  • Utilising a powerful Transference Healing ancient Atlantean crystal technology, the group will be gridded through sacred ritual with geometry & light, to bring your earth & cosmic bodies into an absolute state of balance. 

  • Done absentee, Tuesday 9th August, 6pm UK - I'll call you into ceremony in the etheric to anchor in the codes and frequencies, in support of your integration process of light.


8th August

+ PERSONAL 8:8 Lion's Gate Sirian/Orion





connect to your future self

 absorb the raw frequencies of the
8:8 Lions Gate 


the details 


The 1:1 personal Orion Channellings will take place as the Sirian frequencies complete and over the weekend of the few days that the Lion's Gate is at its peak the 8th & 9th August, 2022.

*The final Group Cosmic Star Pentagram Gridding is on Tuesday 9th August, 6pm.

*Once booking & payment is received, closer to the time you will be allocated a time.  Due to limited numbers, I am  unable to offer any time preferences. 

*Spaces very limited. 


I'm offering this very special event to bring through unique 

stellar coding & channelled wisdom

 relating to your personal cosmic lineage & destiny, 

in honour of the Divine feminine within you 

and our ancient Sirian & Orion Star sisters & brothers.

Love & Light, Rena


HOlographic Pentagram grid


During your 8:8 Lions Gate Channelling, on a parallel level, 

you will be infused with the light & coding from the 5 major sites of Glastonbury:  

The Tor, the Abbey, Chalice Well, Bridies Mound and Wearyall Hill.

Ancient memories and powers inherent at these locations, support you to embrace your own spiritual journey, 
so that you can identify yourself IN your own journey, on a higher level, as walking the path of the grail.

These sites unify to create a holographic pentagram grid, for a powerful integration of ether...
and much more.