Temple of Holy Light 




with gratitude


Transference Healing Fundamental Training £1,635


Thank you for your booking & payment for this life changing training.  

Upon payment, you will receive booking confirmation and further details. 

Please note:

*To be eligible for Re-Sit price below, you must have already attended Fundamental training.

*If deposits are paid after the due date, there may be a small extra fee, please enquire.


Non-Refundable Deposit £835 

(+ £24 PayPal fee)

Final Balance £800 
(+ £23 PayPal fee)
Full Payment £1,635
(+£48 PayPal fee)
Re-Sit £450
(+ £13 PayPal fee)

Please note: 

PayPal charges us a £67 fee on the full payment price of £1,635, which we pass on to you at £50.

If you'd prefer to avoid any PayPal fees, please go here to pay direct into our account.