Temple of Ascension  





its alchemical transformation & its ancient vibration


During this day we will work with the Transference Healing® technology and connect to its ancient energetic origins, to embrace 'transference', moving from one state of being to another with consciousness.  We will delve into the creative principal, and be taken deep into the void to access the black ray and stellar coding directly, and to activate profound alchemical change from within. 

Some will go through a transference shift on the day:  an accelerated change in your vibration & alchemical make-up, that initiates a de-coding of deeply embedded genetic weakness in the DNA.  This day is excellent for those who are ready for a rapid death for rebirth. 

When you begin to master the 'transference' effect, you can:

  • co-create its alchemical formula from within, to die a little ego death, day by day;  constantly purifying deep seeded wounding
  • let go with ease & grace, to be receptive to transformation, overcome your fears and actually surrender
  • filter in the subtle & refined properties of the black ray from the void, to shift into a higher consciousness & reality
  • embrace the rebirth, rejuvenation, and cellular regeneration process for immortality - move forward with more flow
  • have the consciousness to transcend into the afterlife whilst remaining conscious, it will simply be a part of instinctual knowing

You will learn:

  • 'transference' the transformational formula
  • to find the courage to go into the void, to overcome fear,  to release unresolved pain from your subconscious mind & etheric body, to avoid the toxic build up of emotions through the transition
  • to clearly recognise and shift through change & transformation with more ease, to orchestrate the rebirth in consciousness and reality
  • how to surrender to the light at this vital time of resurrection

Your investment:  £160
Full day workshop: 'Power of transference'


IF YOU CAN MASTER the ‘transference effect’, you begin to embody the teachings of lineage of Transference Healing

At this point, you have become exceptionally spiritually empowered, embodying divine feminine Christ consciousness for spiritual empowerment

  • You are living the expression of your spiritual belief system
  • You’re trusting and utilising your psyche, utilising all of your amazing gifts, you aren’t in fear of the purification & healing & alchemy & magic that it creates.
  • You can open up to the light, and radiate it, through this purification process, constantly dissolving negativity, and being receptive to this light.
  • Eventually you can  co create alchemically in the moment, this is pure alchemy & magic.
  • You are a pure vessell for the light