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BECOME an 'Ascension Facilitator'

There is something magical happening on our earth.  A whole new generation of human is birthing, and a whole new way of living is emerging that's in alignment with the higher worlds.  We're all rapidly evolving into a higher level of of consciousness, and weaving in a whole new anatomy and body of light. 

This great change has called for a new generation of healing: one that can create alchemy, incorporate lightbody technology and one that can meet the needs of our changing body, consciousness, earth and reality.  

Healing of today needs to empower the process of 'self' mastery, for the more divine powers to birth from within, for mastership and ascension. 

HaloAvalon offers a complete pathway, from self healer to Practitioner all the way through to Practitioner Success Program's to support the creation of your spiritual business.

We support you through to Teacher Levels and create stepping stones to attend the more shrouded Mystery School teachings.   

Are you ready to take the next step?




Anyone can learn to run the procedures
& channel the Transference frequencies

Learn to facilitate a divine technology, to create alchemy in the body to support the anchoring of the Lightbody. Importantly during the Fundamental training you're taking a big step toward self-mastery, by learning to heal thyself. 

And, in working on yourself you'll be working on your physical body and consciousness, and your reality as well. You will be shifting and upgrading, creating changes in your world, whilst also initiating and supporting changes in those around you. 

This training gives you procedures & practices to anchor solid foundations to begin to master as a healer & ascension facilitator. 



your key to self healing & faith

How you'll know you're ready?

  • You're seeking a rapid process of personal growth & spiritual awakening, and truly want to heal yourself 
  • You love the mysteries of the Universe, and the ancient wisdom
  • You're ready for a deeper understanding of the energy systems of the body & lightbody, you want to know about the 'new anatomy'
  • You can't get enough information about the stars, the crystals, the elementals, nature and want to know how to work with their frequencies 
  • You love to help yourself with energetic procedures, and are ready to use frequncy healing to create a powerful impact in the body, mind & soul
  • You really want to make sense of the BIG questions like; why are we here? what is our purpose for coming to earth?
  • You're intrigued about becoming a vessel for the light, nature & the Universe
  • You know you are here on earth to self master
  • Your drawn to the Goddess teachings, and the feminine principal
  • Your really ready to change your life, change how you feel from within, and create a big impact on family, friends & loved ones through your own changes

A Sample of Fundamental Training Procedures

  • The Cosmic Consciousness of Christ and the new healing modality of the Lightbody system 
  • New spiritual and philosophical principles for healing 
  • Clearing and Protection/White Light Procedure - learning to clear & template a room
  • Three Polarities of Christ Procedure - activating higher/Christ Consciousness in healer & client, initiating divine healing powers
  • Centering Inner Mind Procedure - bringing the mind into a centered state of consciousness 
  • Severing Karmic Pain Procedure - severing karmic emotions, circumstances and genetic wounding 
  • Clearing Earthbound Energy Procedure - learning to clear distorted astral energies from the etheric field 
  • Triangular Diamond Doorway Procedure - working with the Master Etheric Diamond and releasing energy imbalances which restrict self-healing on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and ethereal) 
  • Triangular Star Formation Procedure - aligning & balancing the electromagnetic body 
  • Earth and Magnetic Grid Alignment Procedure - aligning the etheric geometric template in the body to the Earth's own ley line grids, or Global Grid Matrix, so the nervous system can heal and the vertebrae and cranial sacral system can adjust 
  • Chakras and Gland Procedures - initiating the St Germaine Flame for karmic purification, releasing etheric wedges & clearing chakras and glandular system 
  • Harmony Alignment Points Procedure - initiating sound and colour into specific meeting points allowing profound physiological shifts, which release energy imbalances from the body, enhances the Healers' clairaudient skills 
  • Metaphysical Diamond Procedure - reaches into the seat of the soul where one heals personal wounding on a vibrational level, the body releases energy density as the emotions evolve & create new levels of enlightenment 
  • Feeling Vortex Procedure - releases etheric fibres that create energy holograms, weakness and depletion in the body 
  • Grief Procedure - etherically clears the emotions of grief stored within the body & consciousness at a cellular level 
  • Master Spiritual Plane Diamond Procedure - tapping into the Master Template to allow self-mastery through the manifestation of gifts and talents 
  • Mental Pain Release Procedure - working etherically with the central nervous system & brain to clear psychological disorders (Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, mental stress, memory loss etc) 
  • Etheric Surgery Procedures - clearing etheric tumours & energy imbalances & bizarre symptoms
  • Chiron Wounding Procedures - works etherically with the chiron point in the body to support clearing the chiron wounding, or our 'achilles heal' in our patterning 
  • Colour Bath Procedures - works with the colour spectrum on a vibrational level of the body, in order to purify & clear the body and awaken the consciousness 
  • Alchemy Symbols Procedure - 23 symbols which initiate powerful shifts in the body for healing & Lightbody transformation (pure alchemy) 
  • Animal Magic Procedure - Shamanistic healing technique enhances instinctual & intuitive qualities of certain animals into the persons own psyche 
  • Four Planes of Transformation Procedure - integrating meeting points with sound, symbols, colours & etheric crystals so the body can respond and adjust with the Earth changes 
  • Crystal Cross Procedure - integrates a celestial alchemical healing process to support the integration of the Lightbody through the associated elements and geometric formations of the Crystal Cross 
  • Scales of Redemption Procedure - releases self judgement, clears vices, re-codes DNA & initiates sense of destiny and purpose 
  • Dragon Power Procedure - refines intent, empowers Divine Will & enhances connection to the Masters 
  • Star of David Procedure - supports the integration of the Lightbody & activates the Merkabah 
  • Holding Power of Light Procedure - useful for holding & sustaining higher levels of Light 
  • Initiation of Rays & Masters Procedure - integrating the powerful technology and wisdom of rays of the Universe into appropriate chakras & assisting the person to work with its associated Master 
  • Merkabah Procedure - mastery of Lightbody travel and Merlin Magic 
  • Lightbody Essence Kit - learn about the 77 vibrational essences in the Lightbody Kit, how to create therapeutic essences to support each healing, dosages, protecting your kit etc


Your Investment
Transference Healing® Fundamental Training

DEPOSIT £835 due 8 weeks prior to training, see events calendar for dates


receive these inclusions with the fundamental training 


  • A 276 page Practitioners Manual, known as the Fundamental Manual 
  • A set of 6 full colour Practitioners Templates & a Healing Record Template 
  • The complete practitioners Lightbody Kit of 77 mother tincture vibrational essences
  • A 150 page full colour Lightbody Kit book, inclusive of photographs identifying all the lightbody crystals & divination charts
  • Your Fundamentals Training Certificate of Achievement, signed by Alexis Cartwright
  • A Graduates Presentation CD, by Alexis Cartwright






Become who you're meant to be, a vessel for the light and the Goddess.

Read more about what's available

AFTER Fundamental Training, 

for your ongoing rapid pathway of self mastery & ascension. 


"We honour and give thanks to Alexis Cartwright, the channel, anchor and founder of Transference Healing®. Through her tireless dedication and connection to Spirit, to the Goddess, and to the Light, she has co- created a pathway for humanity to ascend into the next dimension and beyond." 

Love from us all xx