Temple of Ascension  





Your Key to the magical teachings of the feminine principle 

Often feared or misunderstood, you will learn to tap into this mighty positive power of the creative principle of the Universe, to transform everything into higher levels of frequency & light, overcoming fears of the dark, and embrace your Raven Power ability.

When you can embrace the black ray of the Universe directly, you will be able to:

  • go into the depths of the void within yourself, releasing fear around accessing your own shadow self
  • connect  to the lineage of the cult of the Black Madonna & the divine feminine mysteries, owning the power of the feminine within
  • understand the hidden mysteries of nature - to be a divine vessel for nature & the power of spirit, and magic of the light
  • become a light worker 

You will learn:
  • Mary Magdalene procedure to connect to the feminine principle & awaken spiritual abilities
  • Transference Healing Raven Power procedure to access new levels of spiritual empowerment & enlightenment
  • Gain clarity on the polarity forces of the black ray & the white ray, and how they work in unison for divine healing
  • The magic of the black ray of the Goddess


Your investment:  £160
Full day workshop: 'Raven Power & the Black Ray of the Goddess'


we honour Saint Mary Magdalene

her unfathomable strength and her unbreakable faith

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