Temple of Ascension  



do you have inner child pain?
does shame or guilt block your self love?
have you somehow lost your child like light?
are you sometimes unable to face what you need to do? 


If you're resonating...

you may be one of many lightworkers, born on earth destined to self master. 

You may have been traumatised by your childhood or teenage years, and as painful as that is,

it has helped you to rapidly evolve & grow without the bond to your birth family

 that potentially could have kept you restricted.

Read on...there is a way to move through & elevate into your Divine birthright.


As you heal your inner child through this self mastery journey, you will slowly integrate light and evolve into the qualities of a crystal child, restoring your divine potential. Bringing all parts of your inner self together in a holistic way, growing emotionally and spiritually, you can become the container of the self for yourself, bringing a clearer capacity to recognise and materialise your soul's yearnings.  You can open your heart in a pure way, and at the same time become receptive to open a connection to the angelic kingdoms.  Through this sacred right of passage, you can re-connect to the higher vibrations of global grid, weaving in the fifth dimensional crystal grid and the Christ grid.  Consciously you'll energetically be able to find your place in the world around you, wherever you are – rebirthing an aspect of your more divine self, you are truly reborn as a 'child of light'. 





You'll be guided through the maze of your inner child healing to restore the purity of your divine template.  Including online Trainings, Meditations & Healings, this self mastery journey brings clarity to the spiritual initiation process one passes through for the  integration of light necessary to be reborn as a crystal child.  It will shift your consciousness from the inside out; everything is prepared to upgrade the way you live with your true inner self, to function from a higher level of consciousness, to own your heightened sensitivity, and to live fully in the power of your divine light, integrated with your healed inner child. 

You’ll complete each session feeling clear, and knowing exactly what you can do during your rapid self mastery journey to reconnect to the innocence of your inner child of light, in an empowered way. You'll know how to 'be' as a highly evolved spiritually empowered being, radiating the purity and playfulness of your divine child, as you master through your heart's painful blocks, so that you live a fuller life more connected, feeling loved and loving others.   


Full of high frequency crystal & light technology

As the global grid heals and weaves itself into a higher vibration, we're given the incredible opportunity to crystallise and form light within us, connected to the higher frequency crystal & light grid that's forming.  These teachings, and the frequency behind them, will support you to evolve WITH this new crystal & light grid, maximising your sense of inner freedom and light as you let go of old 3D habits patterns pains & blocks.   Your heart can sustain its connection to the 5D grid and your mind can then reflect an expression of this higher consciousness.


course content 


Unhealed  inner child fear, pain and trauma, keeps you from being able to accept full responsibility of you and your life, unable to own the fullness of your co-creator abilities, even sometimes keeps you in victim hood that can disempower you forever. 

Leaving you living with underlying anxiety, unknown fears and a chronic lack of self love and lack of self worth.  You just feel sad and without hope. 

Whether you've experienced a lack of care, subtle abuse,  or more severe violations to your core essence,  Module 1 energetically triggers a clearing of the blocks, to both clearly identify them and begin the alchemical purification so you can heal from within. 

Inner child wounding distorts the template of the heart chakra and stores blocked emotions within the naval chakra and whole emotional body.   This module activates the alchemy, and disconnects you from the old 3D grid.

*MP3 Meditation & Divine Healing

Sacred Circle of Fire Meditation for astral purification


Long forgotten past life memories, trapped within the psyche get triggered during childhood, making the pain more harsh.  Then these experiences become inner child blocks and stop you from being the best you can be, stop you from shining your pure light self out to the world, with ease and freedom. 

As we make these more expanded personal realisations during Module 2, and join the dots of our own childhood journey, we can reconnect to the brilliance of our inner child, we can find the real bright pure angelic light that's YOU - inside of you, to embrace her uniqueness.  And reconnect to her. 

We'll embrace and own sensitivity & vulnerability embracing Her incredible power, reclaiming that sense of healing light that she holds, just by reflecting the inner purity, like you once did as a child.  And we'll begin to 'mother' our own child within with the nurturing support of Mother Mary. 

We begin to find answers to long term questions that may have eluded us, and slowly sense the seeds of emotional equilibrium birthing.

*MP3 Meditation & Divine Healing

Joined by angels & dolphins, into the crystals & stars, weave in crystalline light to connect to higher self.


It's our divine birthright on earth to be sovereign and free beings, whole and complete in our own right, fully connected to source, spirit & the light.

As your emotional body continues to purify Module 3 creates a clear crystalline foundation, restoring boundary violations both energetically & practically, to reconnect to the light in a complete way.  

This will help you to feel intellectual clarity, and a knowing of your inner truth with conviction. Stability can emerge as you begin to feel safe, and weave a deeper attunement to the Universe. 

Finally we marry the wounded inner child that once resided in the navel chakra with the healed inner child, into the depths of your heart chakra, for your pure childlike traits to be redeemed, and to birth the white lotus flower within your heart. 

So you can FEEL love. Loved. Lovable. Loving. So you can trust your inner adult to take care of your inner child. 

*MP3 Meditation & Divine Healing

With Merlin we'll travel through stellar gateways and access the higher dimensions of the Christed realms, to crystalise light within.


Your Divine template is encoded within your DNA and stored in your heart,  its a crystalline code that ensures you the birthright to become divine. Though for most of humanity this code is dormant, it becomes accessible through an ongoing journey of self healing and self mastery, through the light.

Mother Mary birthed a pure genetic line, through clearing the restrictions of her genetics, showing us the way to birth our christ child within and to heal our own genetic line.  She is a symbol of our divine birthright to become one with higher realms of light.

If we can attain an absolute balance of feminine & masculine principles within, overcoming polarity, 

and run our consciousness on a higher vibration, over time we're able to co-create and sustain the Christ light within. In doing so, can establish the foundations for your christ child to birth from within. 

Its at this point that you can reconnect to the template of your pure crystalline essence, a universal right of passage and state of being, awakening your destined evolution in this lifetime. 


*MP3 Meditation & Divine Healing

Ride the Unicorn Magic to enter higher elemental realms & embrace Divine Christ child qualities.





4 powerful and impactful Self Mastery Trainings, delivered bi-weekly via MP3, to download and listen at your leisure, over & over if you'd like to. 


4 healing Meditations to receive the energetic healing shift, from the heart of Glastonbury/Avalon, to assist you in letting go of the old patterns that are de-coding, and to embrace the new higher codes that are available to you through high frequency technology of light.  Delivered weekly via MP3, to download and listen at your leisure, over & over if you'd like to. 

self mastery practises

Simple focussed practises designed to support you to embody the teachings & create long lasting changes in your way of being, breaking old stubborn fear based habits. 




One payment of £333


three payments of £120






1:1 Child of Light Healings

  • 3 powerful Child of Light Healings: an energetic attunement & electromagnetic alignment to the new 5D grid, removing personal heart blocks to embracing your highest potential


  • 3 potent and personal 50 minute 1:1 mentorship calls with Nareena-Gaia, to get in touch with and to overcome your unconscious blocks that have come through from inner child wounding.  For clarity and enhanced guidance. 


mother mary severing

An energetic 'severing' meditation to use regularly to support you to detach from the outcomes of family situations that may restrict you, and keep you stuck. 

invest in yourself

personal 1:1 mentorship

personal channelled guidance & healing 
with Nareena-Gaia throughout the 
Self Mastery journey.


(Payment due at time of booking)






Mother Mary as Divine Mother

 with Archangel Zaphiel Watcher of the Innocent & Archangel Zachariel Protector of Children 

stand beside Master Merlin

holding you in the crystal chalice - or energetic container - for your self mastery journey 

as you restore the light of your divine child.

Their unconditional and loving intervention will hold you in a cloak of protection to heal unresolved grief, pain, loss, confusion, 
neglect and lack of care, helping you to break the cycle to heal your inner child, embrace forgiveness and feel the essence of love and safety from within. You will begin to tap into the power of pure magic once again, an evolutionary step that only a pure heart and soul can attain.



During the 4 Modules of your Self Mastery journey, you will be guided step by step in how to maximise the incredible teachings, wisdom & practises contained within these Transference Healing® publications.  

please note: 

The Book 'Beyond Doorways The Mysteries Revealed' & the Child of Light Meditations & Affirmations mare a minimum requirement for the Training, we will utilise this in each Module.  The Child of Light Purification Spray is optional and will beautifully support your coding process.  


Is this self mastery training for me?

*You've done a lot of inner work on healing yourself, though you know you have inner child wounding that's held you back, you know its time to heal this on a much higher level to restore your Divine template. 

*You need to learn how to recognise your deeper inner child negative patterns now, so that you can finally let the walls of your heart down fully.

*You want to learn impactful high frequency energetic practices, beyond what you've learned already, in a higher level of consciousness, that will empower you - that will support your heart based pure spiritual power to birth, refine and be enhanced.  You know in your heart that serious change & spiritual empowerment requires you to build new core foundations within your heart chakra, emotional body & electromagnetic field. 

*I'd guess you've probably been on your knees at some point, during your childhood, and even recently as you attempt to heal the trauma. 

*You're SO ready to upgrade your entire life, starting from your heart, and working from there. 

*Most importantly you're SO ready to humbly honour yourself, so that you can live a full life, loving others & family, whilst at the same time magnetise the right people to you in service to your life's greatest mission and deepest joy. 

I know there’s a fire that burns inside of you, that’s so bright, 
that's been dimmed through LIFE & your childhood journey.  
But now as an adult, you know you were never meant to hold onto the pain as part of your identity.  
Lets turn it into your ‘story’, 
the story that you chose to get you to who you’re meant to be now,
..a beautiful child of Gaia, a child of the Universe, and a child of the One.