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Temple of Ascension  



calling all

 grid keepers  ..  grid workers


doorway elders  ..  star seeds 

 representatives from

 melchezadek's great white brotherhood

 & ashtar command 

all earth lovers & lightworkers..


all of us are now processing Gaia’s grids through our systems, and you wouldn’t be here reading this unless you are a grid worker or a grid keeper.  we are many that work together often unconsciously, on the inner planes.


are you in love with our beloved earth?  her crystals, her waters, her sacred sites & grid technology? 

do you know in your heart that you're here in service to fulfil the Goddess's universal plan of ascension? even though you may be unsure of exactly what your role is?

The mysteries of the global grid matrix are revealed during this program
.. its crystalline light technology that's vital for our health, wellness, growth, survival and for our ascension, personally and planetarily. The grid literally is everything.

BE'ing conscious and aware of the ancient grid technology will finally bring a sense of fulfilment that you're doing exactly what you're meant to be DO'ing and BE'ing exactly who you're meant to be BE'ing. 

Recognise how intimately connected you are to the universe through the grid

... you'll learn how connected you are to the ongoing interdimensional grid changes and its impact on the Goddess, nature and our Earth in general, Her crystals - both those in the earth, and those that you wear.  you'll become conscious of how the interdimensional grid changes impact you.  and us all, as we enter the Age of Aquarius & the 7th final Golden Age.  you will understand yourself and your journey more to align to your highest path of service, simply by BEING you, being present as the whole you, in our NEW earth grid now.

Discover what it takes

... emotionally physically energetically psychically spiritually and on a frequency level - to be a grid worker, grid keeper, and for some - a grid channeller;  finally believe, accept and understand the messages that the universe has been sending  you so you can now take action more freely to serve.

Through the activations

... step by step through your sacred rite of passage, you will absorb the more refined frequencies of interdimensional light, stars and crystals, begin to absorb holy prana into your system, and naturally integrate with the technology and light of the 7th dimensional Christ grid, to finally illuminate your divine purpose on earth. 


a global grid journey of expansion


22nd April, 2020.  6PM

step aboard the starship


Module 1:  22nd April, 2020

During Module 1, learn about:

*the light: its technology, codes & wisdom 
*the mechanics of your lightbody essential to integrate the consciousness of the higher self
*the global grid matrix; the alchemy & geometry of light necessary for healing & evolution that we absorb through the grid
*the ancient coded stellar technology constantly filtering into earth

activation: light grid

+ frequency meditation with DIVINE HEALING 
into the totality of the global grid matrix, accessing NEW higher grid codes available.


Module 2:  13th May, 2020

During Module 2 you'll learn about:

*the Goddess's divine plan
*mother earth 'Gaia' as the key & the doorway for inter-dimensional passage
*accessing the elements, their elemental beings & their gateways
*corridors of light and multi-dimensional portals for infusion of light technology to assist your mission
*the Chalice, the Sirians & crystal core of Gaia

activation: elemental doorways

+ frequency meditation with divine healing 
into the Goddess's sacred inner kingdoms


Module 3:  3rd June, 2020

During Module 3 you'll learn about: 

*the cosmic & galactic worlds: how to identify them, access their cosmic frequencies
*the mysteries of the pyramids & akashic knowledge
*stargate codes & merkabah technology
*absorbing cosmic codes vital for mastership & to unify with your cosmic self
*the unique gift your home planet & dimension delivers to the earth plane through you

activation:  cosmic merkaba

+ frequency meditation with DIVINE HEALING
join the Cosmic Masters for an interdimensional merkabah experience 


21st June, 2020
*Summer Solstice Gridding*   


An extra special HaloAvalon ritual event & channelling at Glastonbury for participants, 

join a multi-dimensional sacred gridding experience, 

utilising the pentagram technology of the Glastonbury grid.  

absentee or in person


Module 4:  8th July, 2020

During Module 4 you'll learn: 

*to utilise your heart & soul's wisdom to identify & attune to & work with the angelic realms for your gridwork
*to shift the consciousness of your soul into a higher vibration & tap into the oversoul in preparation for the revelation of your higher destiny
*about the cherubs & the seraphim that work within the grid itself
*energetic & practical support of your alchemical healing & the purification of soul self

activation:  angelic power of protection

+ Frequency meditation WITH DIVINE HEALING 
 with the angels cherubs & seraphim

Module 5:  29th July, 2020

You'll learn: 
*about grid activations, how to recognise them & what they're for
*to bring it altogether, to OWN your sacred grid contract
*how to come into a state of oneness & unify all planes within you
*to wire into the Christ grid neurollogically
*crystallising your embodied light
*access interdimensional worlds, Temples of light 
*the power of the hexahedron

activation:  crystalline hexahedron, spirit into form

+ frequency meditation with DIVINE HEALING
into oneness, with divine mother & the heavenly father




*5 powerful & impactful 75-90 minute trainings
*Delivered via MP3, to download and listen at your leisure, over & over if you'd like to
*Downloadable audio to keep 


*5 meditations, to receive the refined frequencies of light from the grid, for an activation code and healing shift.  Receive directly through the interdimensional portal of Glastonbury & Avalon.

*Absorb the sacred coded templates, weaving a pathway to the higher cosmic & angelic realms, grading your lightbody into the heavenly worlds, accessible through the technology of light.

*Delivered via MP3, to download and listen at your leisure, over and over if you'd like. 


Solstice gridding event

*Spend Summer Solstice in Glastonbury:  21st June 2020. Be gridded into the pentagram vibration for an infusion of elements to balance earth & cosmic self.




1:1 Grid Chaneller package


the 1:1 grid channeller package has been created for those who are in process of anchoring their over soul, and the totality of wisdom attained in previous incarnations. those that are at the point where they 'feel' the wisdom of their highest self present here on earth, not 'out in the ethers' somewhere. its for those whose soul is in a pure state of connectedness and whose heart is full of divine inspiration, whose gifts & talents are full of pranic light and brimming over.  

for those that are not beginners, and know they want to hone their highest skills to become more rapidly embodied, now.  its for those who want to be individually energetically aligned to the higher vibrations of the christ grid, tutored and guided through their own rapid personal process of embodiment of their divinity, and their unique capacities of grid keeper and grid worker, to step into the role of grid channeller. this is a nurturing holy divine mother/father channel for those that have already attained their own capacity to clear their own negativity, clear their own ego's misperceptions and are willing and able to radically serve as a vessel in their sovereignity. 




You're a pioneer, together we can figure out your unique service here ON Gaia, so that you're in the right vibration, consciousness and frequency to manifest it. Be suspended in a purity of light that can cater to your individual needs, I'll be utilising channellings, practical tools & advice PLUS whatever I need to call upon to support you to bring your divine earth service into manifestation.


1 to 1 channelled
grid code DNA reading


discover your holy commission, 


placed in your heart at 2012, 

to be activated through 2020

The intention of this unique channelling is to unclock & activate your hidden cosmic DNA codes within you, to bring to light your 'one of a kind' way of working with the crystaline global grid: as grid keeper? grid worker? grid channeller?

Expect the unexpected as we go through stellar gateways to bring back ancient galactic memories, clear doorway codes & activate.

*Readings during Beltane 2020 May 1st & 2nd: absentee & phone call or in person. MP3



receive the alchemy, 

lightbody technology 

& grid codes to rapidly evolve

 into your soul's mission

The 7 Planes

Physical/Etheric;  Vibrational;  Electromagnetic; Metaphysical;  Ethereal; Spiritual & Crystal 

*includes a 45 minute phone call to talk through which plane you're  working through alchemically to heal & reconnect to the higher vibrations of the grid. 

*Healings on May 22nd & 23rd, 2020:  absentee & phone call or in person.


  1 to 1  Channelled
mentorship call


 individual channelled wisdom to navigate the blocks to owning your sacred earth assignment

I'll teach you how to own your new identity, to crack the DNA codes that have kept old 3D patterns repeating themselves. Together, we can awaken you to your unseen gridwork & divinity through all planes.

Expect to 'break through' during this call, with the consciousness of the Masters delegating your new awareness. 

*50 minutes Mentorship calls available in June & July, dates tbc, please request dates early.