Temple of Holy Light 







Held in Glastonbury on the heart chakra of our earth, 

in our 7th dimensional Temple, 

they've been designed for you to feel the divinity of your own faith, 

and for you to have your own profound interdimensional spiritual experience.  


You will be suspended in the light of divine love: 

which instantly dissolves emotional attachments, old behavioural patterns & feelings of separation, an experience that helps you to truly establish your own faith, your own 'feeling' of faith within your body, mind and soul. No matter what your journey has been. 

Each Temple Ritual & Channelling will support your deeper reconnection to the ancient way of the Goddess, so that you may feel this ancient and holy energy, and so that you may open you heart - and heal.  

You will receive an infusion of stellar frequencies from the Sirian Star System, so you can embrace and own the gifts of the feminine principal that are birthing within you: the opening of the psyche, awakening of channelling skills, understanding the mysteries of nature and the ability to activate pure alchemy.  

In doing so, the channelling will support the crystalisation of your grail body and for some - begin to connect you to the holiest of vibrations, the Holy spirit - to own their Divine power whilst on earth in a body.


Receive channelled transmissions & beautiful wisdom from the Holy family
to reconnect to the pure mystic Christianity teachings of the divine feminine principal


An ancient way of Goddess teachings


Mystic Christianity, a far cry from the Christianity of organised religion today, was deeply rooted in Goddess wisdom and the teachings of the feminine principal.  By worshipping the God/Goddess in unison, the Divine powers of the Goddess filtered through: the attributes of the feminine principal,  awakening profound energetic reconnection to spirit, nature and the Universe. 

During each Group Temple Ritual & Channelling, the memory comes alive of the revered time of Christ, those teachings of 'the way' that sprang from a unification of mainly Pagan, Jewish Kabalistic & Gnostic teachings, yet goes back to a Lemurian way of healing for ascension, that originated from the celestial star system of Sirius.  

This ancient Goddess way utilised the technology of nature and the light, to awaken Christ consciousness, to master the powers of the Goddess sustained within nature and the Universe, and to self master.  

Energetically connect to the origins of Mystic Christianity, to become conscious of your own journey of opening the deeper chambers of your heart, and your journey through the Holy Grail initiations, the higher initiations on the path of embodiment of Christ consciousness. 

Through embracing your own personal journey, and mastering the initiations, the mysteries are unveiled, and the divine powers behind the mysteries can be embraced. 


The Way of Divine healing


Through absorbing the light technology of Transference Healing, pure alchemy occurs as you are illuminated by the frequencies of the Group Temple Ritual & Channelling.   Your heart begins to clear and open, triggering the release of past life memory codes, to enable a  shift of consciousness that you need to make, for your next step of your ascension. 

Crystaline light from the all kingdoms come through the void, frequency pours in from the elementals worlds, coding from the angelic kingdom and the consciousness of many Masters channel through.  Its this combination of frequencies, combined through the power of the Word, that initiates a shift of consciousness through the alchemy it activates.  

Ongoing, through attending the Group Temple Ritual & Channelling regularly, the infusions of light and the alchemy they create, combined with the message through the channelling supports you through your Holy Grail initiations, the higher initiations for both integration of light and holding light, and over time supports the co-creation of your grail body - the co-creation of the Christ self, and to be a vessell for the divine energy yourself. 

This journey is not for everyone, it is an offering for those who are ready to walk the path of direct connection, the path of the embodiment of connection to the Masters, stepping into that higher consciousness that you truly want to embody, help you to make choices that you need to make for your highest potential....Life changes will be activated through these channelling from guides & Higher Beings of the Universe.  Activate your own willingness to become who you truly are, and help you to reach your potential more quickly.


Experience the higher heaven worlds

to feel divine love in your heart,

& to experience your spiritual faith" 




& the holographic grid


Glastonbury represents the magical pathway that we go through 

to finally embody the Christ 'I AM' presence.


During your Temple Ritual & Channelling, on a parallel level, 

you will be infused with the light & coding from the 5 major sites:  
The Tor, the Abbey, Chalice Well, Bridies Mound and Wearyall Hill.

Ancient memories and powers inherent at these locations, support you to embrace your own spiritual journey, 
so that you can identify yourself IN your own journey, as walking the path of the grail.

These sites unify to create a holographic pentagram grid, for a powerful integration of ether...
and much more. 


fee: £55

Group Temple Ritual:


& anointing 


My heart was so touched by the channelling, what a joyful experience. 

I can now feel spirit in my body. Wow. 

AM - Somerset, UK.