Temple of Holy Light 





1 day workshop

This magical and powerful workshop in the heart of Avalon enables you to work with the Transference Healing® Animal Magic Deck of divination cards, to support the integration of the soul qualities of each of the animals.  During this day, you will work with empowering your divination skills and gain valuable insight into intuitive reading.  Be introduced to the divine kingdoms of the Elemental and Mythical worlds, to understand more about how these worlds and kingdoms create alchemy within us for healing in support of integration of light for our ascension. 

During this 1 day Workshop, you will learn:

  • to work with each of the 8 elemental beings, to begin to integrate their therapeutic qualities to support a Transference Healing® 
  • to work with each of the 8 mythical beings in support of a spiritual empowerment process
  • to work with all the earth animals in a whole new way to understand and absorb the teachings of their soul's qualities
  • to create an etheric ritual Sacred Circle of Fire, with the support of four animal totems for astral purification, protection & divine love, and in support of the awakening of your kundalini

You will receive the following BONUS Inclusions 

  • Animal Magic Workshop Manual
  • Animal Magic Tarot Bag containing the tools you need to run a Circle of Fire
  • 13 gridding crystals, a selenite wand and sage (actual sizes, formats, folders and colours may vary)

(Please Note:  This workshop does not include the Transference Healing® Animal Magic deck of divination cards, please click here to purchase this independently preferably prior to the Workshop)

Your investment:  £425
Full Day workshop: 'Animal Magic' workshop


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AS YOU BEGIN TO MASTER the 'animal magic frequencies’, you refine your lower astral body, for the integration with the higher astral plane.

At this point, you gain access through the Goddess's hidden doorways into sacred realms, to learn directly through nature and the elements themselves, and be able to activate alchemical resources through this connection. You can become exceptionally spiritually empowered, becoming a pure vessel for the Goddess and her kingdoms.