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Here you'll find our range of Transference Healing®  Workshops

All our workshops are suitable for everyone to attend, at any level of spiritual awareness or awakening, from beginner to advanced.   

Trust what you are intuitively drawn to attend, it will be perfect for you!  All our workshops & training cohesively sit beside one another, meaning there is no dedicated order to our Workshops and Training, attend any and all workshops & training that call you.

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workshop level 1

This workshop is designed to support you will delve more deeply into the self-healing procedures within the book 'Beyond Doorways – the Mysteries Revealed' by Alexis Cartwright.  It is advisable that everyone who receives regular Transference Healing sessions consider attending this workshop to support their own self healing journey.

During this 1 day Workshop, you will learn:

  • a series of simple to use energetic procedures to powerfully support your own healing and ascension process
  • how to master the elements of nature, and obtain a divine connection to them, creating wellness, balance and healing
  • to understand core information related to the new Earth and our new dimension, the Global Grid matrix 
  • about the divine forces supporting the changes occurring within our dimension as a whole, supporting faith & trust in the Universe
  • to see the 'bigger picture' of how and why the Earth and humanity is ascending at this time into a new dimension, reality and world

Though many of the procedures in this workshop can be practised by purchasing the Beyond Doorways book, attending this workshop templates and grids you into the frequencies, supporting you to fully understand its technology and embody it in your life and world.

(Please complete Level 1 before attending Level 2)

You will receive the following BONUS inclusions:

  • Workshop Manual.
  • Full colour template.
  • The Beyond Doorways Lightbody Kit of 15 x vibrational essences.

Please Note:  
The workshop price does not include the Beyond Doorways book, please purchase independently preferably prior to the Workshop.

Your investment:  £425
Full day workshop: 'beyond doorways level 1'



1 day workshop, level 2

During Level 2 (day two) of this workshop you will explore the technology of matter and light, enabling you to begin to work with, and understand the Mystery School concepts and teachings of Transference Healing®, as taught by Alexis Cartwright in the book "Beyond Doorways - The Mysteries Revealed".  These are heightened concepts, that appeal more to those who have are drawn to crystal & light technology, and have done their own spiritual practise, or those interested in Mystery School concepts.

During this 1 day Workshop, you will learn:

  • a series of simple to use energetic procedures to powerfully support your own healing and ascension process
  • crystal technology in support of your self healing
  • lightbody technology that involves crystal skull work
  • ancient Atlantean interdimensional gridding and templating work

You will receive the following BONUS inclusions

  • Workshop Manual.
  • 2 x clear quartz wands.
  • Lemurian Time Line wand.
  • A Crystal Stargate Gridding Kit: including 1 x full colour template,     9 x gridding crystals, 2 x platonic solid crystals and a herkimer diamond, all presented in a beautiful velvet workshop bag (these gridding crystals are only available to those who attend the workshop).

Your investment:  £425
Full Day workshop: 'Beyond Doorways Level 2' workshop




1 day workshop


A key for adults to learn to work with the unique energies of Crystal Children & to heal their own inner child. 

Crystal Children are those children born since 1999, though some were born earlier than that,  they all embody our new and more enlightened chapter of human evolution. They hold the template of the new fifth dimensional global grid, which is etherically encoded within their heart chakra.  This creates their unique consciousness and sensitivity, and is what enables Crystal Children to create their unique healing impact that they have on the earth, and all those people in their lives. 

All Crystal children are  instrumental to our evolution on earth. 

During this 1 day Workshop, you will learn:

This workshop teaches parents a range of energetic techniques to support Crystal Children, including a Transference Healing procedure channelled through the energetic influence of the planet Chiron. This procedure supports the earth's Crystalline Grid Template to anchor in, and assists the integration of stellar/light and crystal frequencies into the sensitive body and consciousness of Crystal Children.  

When children receive this procedure it helps them to hold higher frequencies of light so that they can continue evolving within a more heightened level of personal and spiritual growth/awareness.  It also helps the children to have the necessary energetic resources available to preventively care against lightbody symptoms.

While this procedure has a powerful and positive impact on Crystal Children, when performed on adults it brings deep healing to the etheric patterning clearing inner child pain, and enabling adults to explore inner child issues with greater ease. 

Attending the Child of Light workshop will bring great support for both children and adults, helping you to anchor and sustain the new fifth dimensional grid.  For adults this creates ease and flow in the new world, for children helps them to sustain their heightened level of balance. 


You will receive the following BONUS inclusions:

  • Workshop Manual
  • 2 x full colour workshop templates
  • Platonic Solids Crystal Set 
  • a Clear Quartz Crystal

Your investment:  £425
Full Day workshop: 'Child of Light' workshop




1 day workshop

This magical and powerful workshop enables you to work with the Transference Healing® Animal Magic Deck of divination cards, to support the integration of the soul qualities of each of the animals.  During this day, you will work with empowering your divination skills and gain valuable insight into intuitive reading.  Be introduced to the divine kingdoms of the Elemental and Mythical worlds, to understand more about how these worlds and kingdoms create alchemy within us for healing in support of integration of light for our ascension. 

During this 1 day Workshop, you will learn:

  • to work with each of the 8 elemental beings, to begin to integrate their therapeutic qualities to support a Transference Healing® 
  • to work with each of the 8 mythical beings in support of a spiritual empowerment process
  • to work with all the earth animals in a whole new way to understand and absorb the teachings of their soul's qualities
  • to create an etheric ritual Sacred Circle of Fire, with the support of four animal totems for astral purification, protection & divine love, and in support of the awakening of your kundalini

You will receive the following BONUS Inclusions 

  • Animal Magic Workshop Manual
  • Animal Magic Tarot Bag containing the tools you need to run a Circle of Fire
  • 13 gridding crystals, a selenite wand and sage (actual sizes, formats, folders and colours may vary)

(Please Note:  This workshop does not include the Transference Healing® Animal Magic deck of divination cards, please click here to purchase this independently preferably prior to the Workshop)

Your investment:  £425
Full Day workshop: 'Animal Magic' workshop


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