Temple of Holy Light 




This brilliant workshop teaches you to work with content of Beyond Doorways at home. Day 1 outlines a series of self healing procedures to co-create alchemy & break down blocks in your mind body soul & spirit.  Day 2 begins higher Mystery School  & introduces Atlantean Gridding technique.

Animal Magic

Learn to work more intimately with the Transference Healing Animal Magic deck of divination cards, to get more out of them at home in support of your ascension, and self healing.  Connect to the vibrations of the elemental & mythical beings PLUS learn the 'Sacred Circle of Fire' for astral purification.

Child of Light

A soft yet powerful day energetically, to learn to work with the unique frequencies required for the new Crystal Children to stay balanced and elevated in the light AND at the same time, connect you into the global grid matrix in such a way that it supports the healing of your own inner child.




a 7th dimensional frequency healing modality


All our 'in person' Transference Healing workshops are aimed at supporting your own self healing and self empowerment journey.  You will learn practises based in ancient Goddess light technology, that will change the way you live and delve further into the energetic technology, channelled by Alexis Cartwright in  her publications.

These workshops are suitable for everyone to attend, at any level of spiritual awareness or awakening, from beginner to advanced.  Each one provides an opportunity to learn some of the foundational procedures and principles of Transference Healing, so you are able to draw up on its incredible transformative powers of alchemy for healing.

TRUST what workshop or training you are intuitively drawn to attend, it will be perfect for you!  

All our workshops & training cohesively sit beside one another, meaning there is no dedicated order to our Workshops and Training, attend any and all workshops & training that call you.


Would you like to become a Transference Healing Practitioner?

Find out about more intensive Trainings with Nareena-Gaia:

*3 day Fundamental Training (alchemy)
* & 2 day Advanced Training (lightbody)

and embark on a more rapid transformative pathway