Temple of Ascension  



Are you called to empower your Priestess self?


If you're saying yes

you've already acknowledged your sacred calling as a vessel of the Goddess.

You know you're on earth to serve humanity through divine feminine leadership,

you know you're a leader because of the impact your light & consciousness has on others,

you know you're different for a very big reason.  

The thing is, you have a beautiful heart, a strong soul & have been gifted with powerful spiritual talents.  You know you have an important destiny to fulfil. Even though you are mostly taught by Spirit the Goddess & the Universe, you know you now need more substantial footings beneath you, to feel strong & safe, to be fully seen, to expand in all your endeavours - personally spiritually financially and in your spiritual business. 

It may seem that you're not quite where you need to be.  You've learned SO much on your journey, you're SO ready to change and grow, to do the real work on the next level to embrace your lunar power. The work you've done has gotten you to where you are, but it hasn't taken you to where you want to go.  Its time to dig in deep, master through the higher initiations, and its time to shift into a higher frequency, time to empower your Priestess self. 


"2019 is a powerful year to delve WITHIN for the mysteries of the mysteries to be revealed

and embodied.

We're being compelled to make internal changes, 

to activate spiritual purification and to OWN our spiritual power."


6 modules. ONLINE.

for the 'Priestess' you are, to elevate & flourish


This program is designed to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving Priestess, just like you. 

Including monthly online Trainings AND group heart based 5D LIVE Q&A calls to guide you through the maze of your rapid purification, spiritual initiations & integration of light PLUS absentee participation in the monthly group healings to shift consciousness from the inside out; everything is prepared to upgrade the way you live with your true self, to function from a higher level of consciousness and to live fully in the power of your divine feminine light!  No longer remaining hidden, shining your spiritual power without fear.

Everything you need is prepared and templated for you, so that you’ll complete each session feeling clear, and knowing exactly what you can do during your rapid journey to self mastery. You'll know how to 'be' as a highly evolved spiritually empowered woman, as you master through initiations with ease, to live the fuller life that's been calling you as a Priestess in your world. 


Is Universal Priestess Training right for me?

*You've done a lot of inner work on yourself, though you know you now need a higher level of grounded high frequency wisdom, that's going to set you up to go further. 

*You need to learn how to master through the higher & more intense initiations that the Universe has set up for you, so that you can step up onto a whole new level. 

*You want to learn powerful priestess practices, beyond what you've learned already, in a higher level of consciousness, that will empower you - that will support your spiritual power to be refined, and enhanced.  You know in your heart that serious change & spiritual empowerment requires you to build new foundations. 

*You understand there's a way to live in Christ consciousness, and live by higher universal principals, that will make more sense of your life AND refine what you've created already.

*I'd guess you've probably been on your knees at some point, probably recently.  

*You're SO ready to upgrade your entire life from the inside out. 

*Your next step in your business, your life's work or life in general may seem just a bit out of reach, yet with stronger spiritual foundations, and a more balanced state of mind and ego, you know more is attainable. 

*You may have a powerful presence in the world, that impacts others but you could be unsure of how to handle that?  Some people see you in a way that you don't see yourself.  You may attract envy or jealousy, create strong reactions, or sometimes others don't understand where you're coming from.

*Most importantly you're SO ready to be the QUEEN of your world, in a way thats humble and honouring of yourself, and that magnetises people to you in service to your life's greatest mission and deepest joy. 


here's what you get



  • Powerful impactful recorded Trainings, delivered monthly via MP3, for you to download and listen at your leisure



  • Receive a tangible energetic healing shift each month from the heart of Glastonbury/Avalon, to let go of the old patterns that are de-coding, and to embrace the new higher codes that are available to you through high frequency technology of light


 GROUP Q & A CALLS, Support & Mentorship 

  • Access to monthly LIVE extended teachings, with opportunity to ask questions about the journey of empowerment that your Priestess self is undergoing, and guidance through your spiritual initiations.


module 1: date tbc 2021


Trusting you

Being in integrity with your Priestess Self

The number 1 Priestess Rule:  
Always Listen to your intuitive guidance from your higher self, and always trust your visions.

*You'll learn introspection practices to still your inner mind and listen & hear more internally.

The Universal INITIATION to master:  "Anti-glamour initiation"  to learn when to say yes & how to say no. And mean it.


Module 2: date tbc 2021


healing you

building a fruitful self healing practise in alignment with your Priestess self

The number 1 Priestess Practise:  

Always run high frequency energy on yourself to master 'transference' & to alchemically change from within

*You'll learn how to fully govern yourself and to choose high frequency energetic practices through divination

The Universal INITIATION to master:  "Anti self abandonment" to learn to turn toward yourself at times of struggle, pain or need.


Module 3: date tbc 2021


Empowering you

raise the power of the dragon to empower your priestess self

The Number 1 Priestess Tool for spiritual Empowerment:  
Always raise your Dragon Power to counteract disempowerment & depletion. 

*You'll learn the teachings of the ancient elemental lineage of Dragon Power to master through initiations of spiritual empowerment.  

The Universal INITIATION to master:  "Anti disempowerment initiation" to feel feelings of disempowerment & enable them to purify.


Module 4:  date tbc 2021


Reclaiming You

restore your feminine Priestess Sovereignty

The Number 1 Priestess Gift:  

The mystery of the subconscious mind and power of the psyche 

*You'll learn about the deep & mysterious power of the feminine principle and redeem the right to be in command of your lunar Magic, whilst staying balanced in all planes. 

The Universal INITIATION to master:  "Anti irrational initiation" to stay balanced psychologically as you own your Raven Power.


Module 5: date tbc 2021


templating a temple

creating light filled sacred space and holding energy

The number 1 Priestess Focus:  

Clearing negativity from herself, and clearing old energy from her space

*You'll learn to both recognise & cleanse negative energy from yourself,  consistently lifting yourself into the light and how to protect loved ones from the impact your light creates. 

The Universal INITIATION to master:   "Anti-sabotage initiation" to rise above the forces of darkness & how it sabotages you.


Module 6:  date tbc 2021


Honouring you

honouring your Priestess self as Queen of your World 

The number 1 Priestess Action:  Love honour & respect yourself for the amazing woman that you are.

 *You'll learn about SELF value, as an extension of SELF purification and SELF mastery, to finally acknowledge SELF worth

The Universal INITIATION to master: 'anti lack of self worth' initiation, to maintain love & value in yourself during projection envy or jealousy




One payment of £697


two payments of £357


four payments of £182


optional extra 1:1 mentorship


Receive personal 1:1 personal Mentorship spaced throughout the Universal Priestess Training to include: 

  • 1:1 Attunement to the Goddess that will be working with you throughout the Training : Mother Mary, Mary Magdalne, Lady Nada, Quan Yin, Medusa, including a channelled message.
  • 2 potent and personal 60 minute 1:1 mentorship calls directly with Nareena-Gaia, support to overcome your blocks to embodying your Universal Priestess self, and ground the knowledge into embodied wisdom. 

*Includes a free gift*  MP3 Training to work more directly with your Goddess guide

Our secret


This Priestess Training is different, it isn't to 'become' a Priestess, the journey will guide you into a more refined inner commitment to your ongoing journey of spiritual empowerment.  

Its to empower the Priestess that you are. 

I believe that the High Priestess is someone that undertakes a consistent 'self purification' journey.  She has the capacity to 'check herself', to go through high levels of ego purification, to stay balanced in her ego, to consistently clear negativity, so that she can attain great and pure spiritual power.  

She doesn't seek power, it becomes her through her purified nature and consciousness. Its through these states of 'self purification', and an ongoing balanced way of introspective practises, that the ego can purify, shifting the intention to one of purity, the reality to one of balance, and therefor enhancing a rapid state of self mastery for ascension. 

Below is Medusa.  She holds the container for our Universal Priestess Training, as a reminder not to lose our initiations around power, as we go through the journey to become more spiritually empowered. I honour her pure balanced power, she symbolises equilibrium of mind and 3rd eye, and is a vessel for spiritual empowerment.  She teaches us how to handle the the dynamics that play out, to stay pure of heart & ego, to elevate through feminine & masculine stasis as our kundalini activates and our psyche continues to awaken.


Training Materials


Within the 6 Modules of the Universal Priestess Training, you will be guided step by step in how to maximise the incredible teachings, wisdom & practises contained within the following Transference Healing publications.  

please note: 

The Book 'Beyond Doorways The Mysteries Revealed' is a minimum requirement for the Training, we will utilise this in each Module.

The Healing with Alchemy & Animal Magic book & cards are optional.


on 'self mastery & spiritual empowerment'


"Self mastery has been a part of my consciousness since I was awakened at age 11.  

I grew up in Australia, with parents who had a strong desire for self mastery in many forms, which taught me some great foundational habits.  Many not so good too, as is so for us all.....

Throughout my life I've had to learn that my light, and the energy that resonates from my natural gifts & talents - impacts others. Always positive, but not always easy to recognise as positive, and not always easy to handle,  I've realised that these experiences delegated my need for self mastery, which ongoing created my spiritual empowerment process.

The crazy experiences I called to myself were all part of what I needed to experience to purify my ego and continue onto the next level of owning my spiritual power in a pure way, to literally value, understand and come to love the very lunar gifts that I've been blessed with.  From a heart based balanced perspective.  Along the way I got to embody many of the initiations for spiritual empowerment, as taught through the lineage of Transference Healing, which today I am so grateful for. 

This level of working towards attaining pure spiritual power isn't for everyone, but for those who resonate with my words, I know you'll love this Training, it will bring much clarity and inner peace to what you've had to experience, so you can let go and elevate to a deeper understanding of how you can attain what you're here on Earth to attain during this incredible time we're living in. 

Its my joy to be of service in support of your self mastery for spiritual empowerment."

Love & Light, Rena