Temple of Ascension  







Your key to absorb the cosmic teachings of the lightbody

Everyone on the planet has now anchored their lightbody, or vehicle of light, and is going through alchemical change to manifest and fully integrate the consciousness of the higher self, and totality of their lightbody.  Few people have begun to evolve into the Christbody and consciousness. and are on their journey of ascending mastership. 

During this high frequency day, you will be suspended in very pure stellar frequencies to connect to the cosmic teachings of your multi dimensional self, in support of the integration of your lightbody.

When you can master the process of lightbody integration you can: 

  • empower your self healing process to live with more ease 
  • clear lightbody symptoms and create wellness
  • rapidly integrate higher levels of change & transformation, so your growth can be accelerated
  • surrender in alignment with Divine will
  • live in higher consciousness & co-create your Golden  Age reality
  • anchor gifts & talents embedded within your soul and higher self
  • encode the merkabah with cosmic geometric codes to access parallel realities, dimensions & worlds

You will learn:

  • the sacred technology of the lightbody
  • how to consistently integrate higher levels of your lightbody in support of ascension
  • know what to do during a lightbody activation, during this crucial time of surrender
  • recognise how to run your energy from higher consciousness
  • learn how to master through 11:11 gateway initiations

Your investment:  £160
Full day workshop: 'Lightbody Activation'


1 DAY Workshop

Your Key to the magical teachings of the feminine principle 

Often feared or misunderstood, you will learn to tap into this mighty positive power of the creative principle of the Universe, to transform everything into higher levels of frequency & light, overcoming fears of the dark, and embrace your Raven Power ability.

When you can embrace the black ray of the Universe directly, you will be able to:

  • go into the depths of the void within yourself, releasing fear around accessing your own shadow self
  • connect  to the lineage of the cult of the Black Madonna & the divine feminine mysteries, owning the power of the feminine within
  • understand the hidden mysteries of nature - to be a divine vessel for nature & the power of spirit, and magic of the light
  • become a light worker 

You will learn:
  • Mary Magdalene procedure to connect to the feminine principle & awaken spiritual abilities
  • Transference Healing Raven Power procedure to access new levels of spiritual empowerment & enlightenment
  • Gain clarity on the polarity forces of the black ray & the white ray, and how they work in unison for divine healing
  • The magic of the black ray of the Goddess

Your investment:  £160
Full day workshop: 'Raven Power & the Black Ray of the Goddess'






Your key to Positive Self Worth, empowerment & Divine Will 

During this day we will work with the Dragon Power energies for health, to support resourcing when you're depleted, and to bring up your energy of protection against negativity.  You will leave with a clear understanding of dis-empowerment & empowerment during this day.

Some will birth their dragon, and some will be building your dragon. 

When you can own the power of the Dragon within, you can:

  • Revitalise: by sustaining higher levels of electromagnetic light in your body & consciousness and accessing resources of nature for vitality
  • Heal past life wounding and weakness that has restricted your sense of self worth, and finally feel a sense of your own unique self, and become empowered
  • Have a divine connection to elemental kingdoms & hidden inter-dimensional doorways to attune to Galactic worlds & to create the lightbody
  • Surrender to your higher self, to embrace the power of Divine will, the most vital key to self healing, mastership & ascension

You will learn:

  • The Dragon Power Symbol, a long lost elemental symbol of empowerment
  • The Transference Healing Dragon Power Procedure for revitalisation & empowerment
  • How to 'hold your light' through difficult times, purifying ego & intent
  • To connect to Master Merlin & his Dragon Power lineage & the crystalline Global Grid matrix
  • To access the magic of Dragon Power, the most profound power source on the planet

Your investment:  £160
Full day workshop: 'Dragon Power - Key to Empowerment'






Your key to balance, alignment, vibrant health & spiritual advancement.

During this workshop you will make a personal connection to the energetic system of the Universe, and learn how to absorb its elemental teachings and healing.


You will learn how to absorb the earth & cosmic frequencies from the grid lines, or ley lines of light, and understand how we heal, integrate our lightbody & ascend through our connection to this incredible grid of light.


When you can connect to, and channel the Global Grid Matrix energies directly, you will be able to:


  • Instantly stabilise & ground yourself, energetically & practically, anywhere
  • Naturally harmonise feminine & masculine aspects of self, to balance receptivity with action
  • Revitalise & resource yourself instantly, clearing depletion and tiredness
  • Attune directly to the spirit force of the earth & cosmos to absorb its teachings
  • Comprehend the vast nature of our Universe, connect divinely to it and therefor be guided by it
You will learn:
  • A quick & simple Transference Healing energetic procedure to run on yourself at home, to add to your daily practises
  • To connect to the Ascended Masters that sustain the technology of the Global Grid itself
  • About your etheric body and how it absorbs its energy directly from the Global Grid Matrix
  • A simple way to access & attune to the ley lines of light at sacred sites 

Your investment:  £77
4 hour workshop: 'Channel the Global Grid Matrix'