Temple of Holy Light 



Raven Power WORKSHOP

magical teachings of the divine feminine & mystery of black madonna

Lightbody Activation

absorb the cosmic teachings of the lightbody

Dragon Power WORKSHOP

positive self worth, revitalisation and divine will






Your key to balance, alignment, vibrant health & spiritual advancement.

During this workshop you will make a personal connection to the energetic system of the Universe, and learn how to absorb its elemental teachings and healing.


You will learn how to absorb the earth & cosmic frequencies from the grid lines, or ley lines of light, and understand how we heal, integrate our lightbody & ascend through our connection to this incredible grid of light.


When you can connect to, and channel the Global Grid Matrix energies directly, you will be able to:


  • Instantly stabilise & ground yourself, energetically & practically, anywhere
  • Naturally harmonise feminine & masculine aspects of self, to balance receptivity with action
  • Revitalise & resource yourself instantly, clearing depletion and tiredness
  • Attune directly to the spirit force of the earth & cosmos to absorb its teachings
  • Comprehend the vast nature of our Universe, connect divinely to it and therefor be guided by it
You will learn:
  • A quick & simple Transference Healing energetic procedure to run on yourself at home, to add to your daily practises
  • To connect to the Ascended Masters that sustain the technology of the Global Grid itself
  • About your etheric body and how it absorbs its energy directly from the Global Grid Matrix
  • A simple way to access & attune to the ley lines of light at sacred sites 

Your investment:  £77
4 hour workshop: 'Channel the Global Grid Matrix'