Temple of Ascension  





We call it an “ascension pathway”


Along the way, you may have


  • Gone through some difficult, trying or testing circumstances that changed how you’re thinking & feeling about life
  • Become curious about learning a new way of living your life, or may want to know all you can about spirituality and ascension
  • Felt burdened or overwhelmed emotionally, and you still lose faith at times....
  • Wandered “what’s happening to me?”

Now, you would really like


  • Clarity on why you’re having these difficult circumstances in your life
  • Positive support to move through these changes with more ease
  • To try something new that works, because you’ve tried many things that haven’t helped
  • Quick & easy steps that you can follow at home to help yourself, energetically & practically


acceleratE your ascension & Work at mastering 5D

Along the way you may have


  • Awakened to your intuition, trusting it a lot more, and experienced bits of magic in your life
  • Discovered that it’s through your rapid changes & spiritual purification that you participate in, and create your ascension
  • Realised you’re in universal initiations to become a light worker
  • Have had past life memories or experiences, and know you're integrating your higher self & lightbody 

Now, you would really like


  • To know a lot more about being a channel for this universal light & energy that you feel
  • A pathway to be able to work with the divine feminine energies that you're so drawn to
  • Radically change your life, you can sense the change coming, but want guidance to make it happen now
  • Understand & absorb the sacred mysteries of the universe, so that you can feel well, vibrant & healthy



 self mastery & embodiment of divinity


You may be


  • Experienced in mastering through the deep states of purification & change that a rapid ascension creates
  • Awakening to the divine attributes of yourself, awakening the psyche & utilising your clairaudience, clairvoyance & clairsentience every day
  • Beginning to become aware of a wholeness and true spiritual empowerment birthing within you, foundations are strong
  • Ready for radical change, you are ready to be a vessel for nature, the light, the Goddess, the God & all that is


Now, you would really like


  • To be an ascension facilitator to support others on their journey of self healing & eventually self mastery
  • Teachings on the mysteries of life, mysteries of the universe, technology of light & ascension
  • Embrace the spiritual power that you feel is within you, for elevated spiritual empowerment, to shine a powerful light for the Planet
  • To go all the way in this lifetime, to do your best to attain self mastery, enlightenment & ascension
  • Embody your golden age reality